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Art Exhibit Policy


1. The use by individuals or organizations of the Library’s facilities for displays and/or exhibits is not a right but a privilege which is subject to review by the Board of Trustees.

2. The Installation of art work must be done by the exhibitor at a prearranged time and in the designated area of the Library. Transportation of the art work is the responsibility of the artist or exhibitor.

3. All exhibits will be displayed for a specified period of time (usually a month or two). The exhibitors will remove all items at Library’s request on 24 hours advance notice.

4. All items to be hung must be matted, mounted or framed and wired ready for hanging.

5. Publicity and press releases shall be prepared by the exhibitor and submitted to Librarian Kristen Jording and the Director for approval prior to being sent out to the media.

6. The Library will not act as intermediary in the sale of the art work, but will provide the artist’s phone number upon request.

7. The Library, its trustees and employees, are not liable for any loss or damage to items accepted for display in the library, whether or not such loss is caused by the negligence of such persons. Any insurance required for the exhibit is the responsibility of the exhibitor. Exhibitor shall sign the exhibitor’s agreement holding the library harmless from any loss or damage to items accepted for display.

8. The Library reserves the right to cancel any exhibit or display without prior notice.

9. Fire regulations shall be observed at all times.

10. For information on sharing your collection, contact Ida Zaharopoulos or Eric Wasserman at 516-221-1334.



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